India Slams UN, Accuses It Of Lacking Transparency And Accountability

India Slams UN, Accuses It Of Lacking Transparency And AccountabilityAn Afghan relative mourns alongside the body of a victim killed in a terror attack. Photo credit: SHARIF SHAYEQ/AFP/GettyImages

India and Afghanistan joined hands in attacking Pakistan and criticising the UN at a Security Council debate yesterday. Deputy Permanent Representative Ambassador Tanmaya Lal angrily pointed out how even marked terrorists like the Taliban leader Mawlawi Akhundzada is ‘not yet designated as a terrorist individual’. Here are some select excerpts from the Indian representative’s speech yesterday:

1. “Is it now the thinking that leaders of proscribed entities will not be held accountable for the deeds of the listed groups that they head? Is this how we now intend to address one of the most serious threats to international peace and security..”

2. On lack of transparency: “This appears to be one more instance of the secrecy practiced in the subterranean universe of the Security Council which has now enshrined the principles of anonymity and unanimity to ensure lack of accountability to member-states”

3. “The fact that the leader of Taliban - a proscribed entity - is not yet designated as a terrorist individual remains a mystery to us. Can we know the rationale for such an approach”

The Afghan representative for his part pointed out it is high time we ‘role of state elements in orchestrating and facilitating the growth of terror’ was addressed. This was obviously a jab at Pakistan.

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