Leftist Link Emerges In Palghar Sadhus’ Lynching, CPM Leader Accused Of Gathering Armed Mob: Report

Swarajya Staff

May 06, 2020, 08:02 PM | Updated 08:02 PM IST

Sadhus lynched to death in Palghar (Indus Scrolls)
Sadhus lynched to death in Palghar (Indus Scrolls)

A leftist link has now emerged in the brutal lynching and murder of Sadhus in Maharashtra’s Palghar wherein a CPM gram panchayat member has been accused of gathering a mob and the modus operandi in the lynching was similar to that employed by Naxals, Times Now has reported.

Local tribals have also alleged that the youths in the region are being brainwashed by leftists.

As per the report, an FIR lodged in the matter by Son Police alleges that a local CPM gram panchayat member gathered a mob armed with sticks and stones to attack the Sadhus. The Gandchinchle village is said to be a leftist stronghold dominated by the the CPM.

The FIR also claims that roads were blocked by cutting trees and placing boulders which is a common Naxal modus operandi.

A few local tribals have claimed that the local youths are being misguided by leftists.

“The youth are being misguided by the followers of Left ideology. Messages on social media saying ‘tribals are not Hindu’ are being widely circulated on WhatsApp and social media”, a tribal was quoted as saying.

The report adds that only around 50 per cent of the accused have been caught in the matter, with the rest being believed to be hiding in nearby forests.

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