Uttar Pradesh: Man Killed By His Own Community For Alerting Police Over Planned Cow Slaughter 

Cows being fed at a shelter

A 52-YEAR-OLD man was stabbed to death for tipping police about a cow being sold for slaughter in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, and four have been arrested in this connection.

While Nanhe Ali died in a hospital, his son Islam Ali (22) and nephew Mukhtiyar Ali (20), sustained injuries in the attack on Sunday that was carried out reportedly by members of his own community who were angered by his action. On a complaint filed by Nanhe Ali’s son Babu, four of the seven accused were arrested yesterday (Monday).

Sub Inspector Sumit Kumar, in charge of Dhamora police outpost, said: “About two weeks ago, I received a call on my cell phone. The caller said that Lakhnakhera resident Ghasita was going to sell his cow through his neighbour Ali Ahmed. The cow would be slaughtered and its meat served at a wedding.”


He said Ghasita and Ali Ahmed had denied the allegations. When asked if it was Nanhe Ali who called him, Kumar said Ali Ahmed was certain Nanhe Ali was behind the call.

On Saturday, Ali Ahmed and his aides allegedly beat up Nanhe Ali, who later lodged a police complaint and a non-cognizable report was filed against Ali Ahmed, his brother Mohammad Umar and two relatives. Ahmed was later arrested.

The Sub Inspector said, on Sunday Nanhe Ali and a few others passed some remarks against Umar while the latter was passing by his house.

“Umar later returned with his relatives, who allegedly attacked Nanhe.”

Nanhe Ali’s nephew Sameer, alleged that his uncle was returning from the mosque when Umar and others stopped him, an argument over Ahmed’s arrest ensued during which Umar stabbed him, and when Islam and Mukhtiyar rushed to help him they too were stabbed.