Manipur’s Own Tony Stark: 20-Year-Old Youth Creates Iron Man Replica Out Of Electronic Waste

Manipur’s Own Tony Stark: 20-Year-Old Youth Creates Iron Man Replica Out Of Electronic WasteThe Iron Man Replica (Image via Screengrab)

It is often said that the desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. Imbibing the same spirit, a 20-year-old youth from Manipur has created a replica of Marvel character Iron Man out of electronic waste, reports ANI.

Ningombam Prem, who hails from Heirok Part-2 village in Thoubal district, has no formal training other than observation based knowledge. He had earlier created demo model of other robotic items, such as mechanism of producing web from the hand like that of Spiderman.

As per reports, Prem’s younger brother persuaded him to make a replica of Iron Man’s suit, which he later agreed to. He made the suit using discarded scrap materials, emergency lamps, electronic toys, syringes, speaker frames and even IV-fluid tubes.

"I have always wanted to create a robot since my childhood days. But this craze for Iron Man costume started around 2015. One reason for creating is -- I want to add this scientific effect in Manipuri films as most of the stories are based on romantic films," Prem said.

"I collected most of these from electronic waste -- radio shops and television. Since we could not afford to buy materials, I have collected all these materials," he added.

The youth also efficiently repairs television, radio and emergency lamps at home that otherwise requires the services of an electrician.

Prem's mother, Ningombam Raseshwori Devi reportedly said, "Being a single mother, I could not afford to buy the things he needs. Knowing my financial constraint, he collected all the material from electronic waste nearby. When he uploaded his creations on Facebook, people requested him to create more such things but so far no one visited personally to support us."