MHA Sanctions 42,000 Bullet-Proof Jackets, 176 Armoured Vehicles For CRPF Jawans 

MHA Sanctions 42,000  Bullet-Proof Jackets, 176 Armoured Vehicles For CRPF Jawans Amit Shah addressing party workers in West Bengal (File photo) (Photo by Milind Shelte/India Today Group/Getty Images)

Led by Amit Shah, the Union Ministry for Home Affairs (MHA) has sanctioned around 42,000 bullet proof jackets for the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) for use in counter-terrorist operations in the Kashmir Valley and anti-Naxal operations in various States, reports Times of India.

It should be noted that the new bullet proof jackets sanctioned for the jawans weigh as much as 40 per cent lighter than the older jackets which used to weigh around 7-8 kilograms each. Also, these provide enhanced protection to vital body parts like neck and groin areas.

In addition to the bullet proof jackets, a total of 176 medium bullet-proof vehicles have also been sanctioned for the CRPF jawans, each of which can seat about 5-6 armed personnel. These vehicles can withstand grenade attacks, gun shots and other such dangerous attacks.

Apart from these, the CRPF has also armour-plated at least 80 four-wheeler Gypsy vehicles already used by it to provide special protection to the troops in Kashmir Valley while moving around.

It should be noted that CRPF is the nation's largest paramilitary force and it functions directly under the administration of MHA. It has about 3.25 lakh personnel under its emblem and has about 70 battalions deployed in Kashmir Valley in addition to 70 others which have been deployed in Let Wing Extremism hit States.