Netizens Call Out Virat Kohli's Hypocrisy As He Preaches Against Bursting Crackers On Diwali

Netizens Call Out Virat Kohli's Hypocrisy As He Preaches Against Bursting Crackers On DiwaliVirat Kohli wishing his followers a Happy New Year (Twitter)

Virat Kohli the captain of the Indian Cricket Team on Saturday (14 November) earned the ire of social media users as he preached against the bursting of crackers in his Diwali message.

"Please remember do not burst crackers, protect the environment and have fun at home with your loved ones, a simple diya and sweets on this auspicious occasion", Kohli said in his message.

Twitter users soon took objection to his appeal against bursting crackers (purportedly to protect the environment) and questioned him for not practising what he preaches.

This included twitter users questioning him for his use of private jets which are known to emit 20 times the CO2 per passenger as compared to a commercial airliner.

It was reported that Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma had rented a Private Jet in New Zealand last year. For this year's IPL Kohli had flown to Dubai on a special chartered plane.

Other netizens questioned Kohli's large car collection which includes high-end SUVs, which are known to be fuel guzzlers.

Social Media users urged Kohli to stop targeting common people with his activism unless he is also willing to extend the same to other religions.

Some also questioned Kohli for not following through on his fight against firecrackers by calling out their use in IPL and cricket matches.

Twitter users also dug up a 2016 photo of Kohli on New Year, where a firecracker can be seen in the distance.

Many over the years have questioned governments and activists for selectively targeting cracker bursting on Diwali - a tradition during the Hindu festival, when crackers are also burst on events like the New Year, weddings and election victories.

Studies over the year have indicated that crackers at best play a marginal role in their contribution towards contributing to pollution in Indian cities. Many as a result have claimed that a ban on crackers is more of an escape mechanism by authorities against taking concrete and difficult steps against combating pollution.