North-East Economy To Get A Boost With First Parcel Cargo Train To Guwahati Set To Be Launched Tomorrow

An Indian Railways’ freight train. (Ramesh Pathania/Mint via Getty Images)

In a move that can majorly boost the North-East economy, the Indian Railways is set to launch the first parcel cargo train to North-East tomorrow (17 May), The Telegraph has reported.

The train, which will operate between New Guwahati Yard to Kalyan in Maharashtra, will help in the transport of agricultural produce and industrial goods from the north-eastern states to other parts of the country.

"The train is a unique arrangement where even very small quantity of goods can be easily booked to destinations. The train runs on a definite path, is accorded top-most operational priority and rates are cheaper than other modes," a Railways official said.


Likewise, it will also help in the transportation of medicines, essential commodities, army CSD consignments and infrastructure consignments from the western coast to the North-East.

The express, the Railways believes, will help bring down the cost of transporting agricultural produce and other goods from the seven states and boost the agricultural as well as the nascent petro-based industries. The train can carry 450 tonnes of cargo at a time.

The train will be accorded top-most operational priority and the definite running path will go a long way in ensuring that goods from the North-East can access the entire country’s markets and are competitive.

"Such a train will be a boon for small-scale local producers of the North-East whose products could easily access the markets of other parts of the country," the Railway official said.