Noted Scholar, Big Critic Of Islamic Fundamentalism Arif Mohammad Khan Appointed As New Kerala Governor

Arif Mohammad Khan (Pic Via Twitter)

Noted scholar and former cabinet minister in the Rajiv Gandhi led Congress government Arif Mohammad Khan was today (1 September) appointed as the Governor of Kerala.

Khan served as a Civil Aviation and Energy minister in the V P Singh led Janata Dal government. He is also a former member of the BJP.

Famously in 1986, Khan while being the Minister of State in the Rajiv Gandhi government had decided to tender his resignation over enacting a law to reverse the Supreme Court judgement in the Shah Bano case upholding her right to maintenance from her ex-husband.

This judgement was vociferously opposed by various Islamic clerics which is believed to have pressurised the Rajiv Gandhi led government to enact a law reversing it. This outraged Arif Mohammad Khan who tendered his resignation. He had earlier spend hours in defending the Supreme Court judgement.

Khan has been a known critic of Islamic fundamentalism spearheaded by various clerics in the country and has been a staunch advocate for reforms within the Muslim community, especially women’s rights. He was one of the biggest supporters of Modi government’s law criminalising Triple Talaq.

He has also dismissed fear-mongering from a section of Indian intellectual circle over rising intolerance and threats to minority rights in the country.

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