‘Objects Of Worship Are Enemies Of Islam’, Salafi Cleric Slams Muslims For Cleaning Kerala Temples

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Agitated Salafi Muslim cleric lashed out at Muslims in general and Muslim organisations in particular for cleaning up temples as well as churches for offering prayers during Kerala floods, saying, those acts are against the tenets of Islam, reported The Times of India.

Many temples and churches were submerged in the recent deluge in Kerala, some Muslim organisations had taken part in the cleaning up process and had reportedly held mass prayers in halls of the temples and churches, this was the act that provoked the cleric.

Abdurauf Nadvi, a member of a Salafi group led by Zakariyya Swalahi, has slammed these humanitarian initiatives as these activities supported polytheism which is prohibited in Islam.


In a magazine Al Islah, he reportedly says 'shirk' which means polytheism is a sin according to Islam, forbids access to heaven and ensures hell. There are no exceptions in Islam for shirk apart from a threat to life situations, but he says no such condition existed in India.

TOI quoted him saying that a Muslim should establish bonding with those who believe in monotheism and Allah detests those who worship anybody other than Allah.

Nadvi says, "How can a Muslim wash and clean the objects of worships that have been declared as enemies by Prophet Ibrahim".

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