Panic Grips Pakistan After Rumours Spread Of Indian Air Force Jets Arriving In Karachi Amid Blackout

Swarajya Staff

Jun 10, 2020, 11:53 AM | Updated 11:53 AM IST

The IAF’s Mirage-2000. (image via World of weapons/Facebook)
The IAF’s Mirage-2000. (image via World of weapons/Facebook)

Panic gripped Pakistan's city of Karachi yesterday night (9 June) when a citywide blackout was imposed by authorities.

As per defence journalist Shiv Aroor, amid the blackout rumours spread of Indian Air Force (IAF) jets entering the city's airspace.

While it was later found that the jets in question were patrolling Pakistani Air Force (PAF) aircraft, Aroor stressed that this development is a result of Balakot Air Strike's success.

He said that the psychological impact of the air strike on the Jaish e-Mohammed terror camp has spilled over to the Pakistani populace fearing an attack by Indian jets.

As per reports, various locals in Karachi had fuelled intense social media speculation by posting late night images of jets flying over their city while claiming that they were IAF jets in-process of carrying out a surgical strike.

While other individuals including journalists acknowledged that the jets were indeed Pakistani they speculated whether their scramble was a result of Indian activity. One Pakistani journalist even tweeted that such activity by Pakistani Air Force was similar to what was witnessed in the aftermath of Balakot Air Strike.

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