Radicalised ISIS Families Living In Syrian Camps Pray For The Return Of Caliphate, Justify Mass Murder Of Yezidis

Radicalised ISIS Families Living In Syrian Camps Pray For The Return Of Caliphate, Justify Mass Murder Of YezidisRepresentative Image (@arieladkins/Twitter)

As the whole world is taking a sigh of relief seeing the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) losing its ground in the region, many of the ISIS families seeking refuge in the camps in the Syrian camps are praying for the return of the dreaded terror outfit, reports National Public Radio.

ISIS, for the world, may be one of the most brutal organisations that killed thousands of innocents, but for these very people who are the followers of the terror outfit, ISIS could do no wrong.

In one of the camps in the Kurdish-majority region of Rojava in Syria, around 72,000 people are given shelter - most of them are women and children. They are finding it challenging to be in between the ‘infidels’ in the camps, where music is being played, and men and women wear tight clothes.

“This is injustice - we pray for the caliphate to return’’ said one of the women who complain they are not given enough food. “If the air strikes did not kill our women and children, we would not have left the caliphate,” said another one. Complaining about the harsh conditions in the camps, these women say that all these are part of the ongoing war against Muslims around the world.

Asserting that ISIS could do no wrong, they say that there was absolute justice in their caliphate and everything under the terror outfit was “what god wanted”.

These ISIS followers even defend mass beheading committed by the terror group, “Of course there were beheadings — why should I lie? It's based on the Quran and the rules of god." ’’ says a Syrian woman, as reported by NPR.

When asked about the mass murdering of the Yazidis and captured sex slaves, a woman yelled, “They are Devil worshippers!”. An Iraqi woman even goes on to say, "If they don't convert to Islam and they don't become Muslim like us and worship God, then they deserve it”.

"If you became Muslim and cover like us and became a member of our religion, you would not be killed" in the ISIS caliphate, said another woman.

The women at one of the camps said that they were there because of the insistence of Baghdadi that they escape to save their children. According to the report, they call themselves as the next generation of the caliphate with all the “true” creed implanted in their minds.

Large number of radicalised women and children are posing severe challenges to the authorities in Iraq and Syria. With little or no unavailability of money and political will, especially after the withdrawal of US troops, deradicalising and reintegrating them with their origins looks a far cry.