Swelling Tsangpo: Siang Districts On Alert, Arunachal and Upper Assam Breathe Heavy As China Issues Flood Warning

Swelling Tsangpo: Siang Districts On Alert, Arunachal and Upper Assam Breathe Heavy As China Issues Flood WarningThe Tsangpo/Brahmaputra river’s route. (Wikimedia Commons)

High alert has been sounded in the three Siang districts in Arunachal Pradesh and upper Assam owing to the rising levels in the river, the Economic Times has reported. Tsangpo in Tibet - river Siang in Arunachal Pradesh has swollen owing to high rainfall in China.

NDTV reported that  "The various GD (gauge and discharge) stations on the Tsangpo had observed a discharge of 9,020 cumec water on Wednesday (29 August) morning, reportedly the highest in 50 years."

Flood warning has been issued by the Assam State Disaster Management Authority. Following the warning, Dibrugarh District Administration has taken precautionary measures. Deputy Commissioner Loya Maduri said, "We are closely monitoring the situation. We have sent our team to various flood-prone areas under Chabua revenue circle. If required, we will evacuate people from those areas."

According to the NDTV report, Siang had "suddenly turned turbid which prompted the Lok Sabha MP from Arunachal Pradesh to write to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting him to take up the matter with China."

In Arunachal's East Siang district, where low lying areas are inundated,  administration has asked people to not panic and be on alert. In Upper Assam, Lakhimpur and Dibrugarh administrations cancelled leaves of officials.

NDTV report further adds: "As per the Central Water Commission, the highest water level recorded (157.54m) was on June 11, 2000. The water level was 153.27 metre at noon on Thursday. The danger level is 153.960 metre."

The Pioneer reported that China has alerted India about the rising water in river Tsangpo. Arunachal Pradesh MP Ninong Ering told PTI. "The local authorities told me that the Chinese government has conveyed to Indian government that there is a possibility of floods in parts of Arunachal Pradesh. We have taken the alert seriously and cautioned people."

The Central Water Commission, Dibrugarh, too, has asked people to not panic.