Ten Days After Blocking Him For Quoting A Quranic Verse, Twitter Restores Account Of Dr Anand Ranganathan

Swarajya Staff

Aug 22, 2020, 12:27 PM | Updated 12:27 PM IST

Author and scientist Dr Anand Ranganathan (Picture: Youtube/Gateway Education)
Author and scientist Dr Anand Ranganathan (Picture: Youtube/Gateway Education)

Ten days after blocking the account of noted author and scientist Dr Anand Ranganathan, microblogging platform Twitter restored his account and has apologised to him.

Dr Ranganathan's account was blocked after, in a tweet on 12 August, he quoted a verse from Holy Quran in response to the violence unleashed in Bengaluru over a Facebook post by a relative of Karnataka Congress' Dalit MLA.

Following the tweet, Twitter blocked Dr Ranganathan's account claiming that his quoting of the verse was 'hateful and violated their rules'.

Refusing to delete the tweet in order to restore his account, Dr Ranganathan appealed against the Twitter decision to censor him.

After the incident, many netizens came out in support of Dr Ranganathan and demanded that his account be restored. A hashtag #BringBackAnandRanganathan also began trending on Twitter.

On Saturday (22 August), ten days after his account was banned, Dr Anand Ranganathan inform that Twitter has reversed its decision and has apologised to him.

"Ten days after claiming my quoting a verse was hateful and violated their rules, Twitter has apologised and restored my account. The tweet stays," Dr Ranganathan tweeted.

The noted scientist also thanked all the people who came out in his support and said that he was 'overwhelmed'.

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