Triple Talaq Bill Passes ‘People’s Court’, Now Indian ‘Elders’ Will Decide Its Fate 

Triple Talaq Bill Passes ‘People’s Court’, Now Indian ‘Elders’ Will Decide Its Fate Muslim women celebrating as the Narendra Modi Cabinet approved an ordinance to criminalise instant triple talaq last year. (Photo by Amal KS/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

On 27 December, the Lower House of Parliament, after much uproar from the Opposition, put the Triple Talaq Bill to vote and it has been successfully passed on to Rajya Sabha for debate. AIADMK and Congress staged a walkout as they believe that the bill is “unconstitutional” in certain ways. They also demanded that the bill be presented to a joint panel so it can be scrutinised.

245 MPs voted for and 11 voted against the bill. The bill makes instant triple talaq a criminal offence and recommends jail term up to three years. The NDA allies will need 123 votes to get it past the Upper House, but in stark reality, they can only whip up around 80 votes.

The Opposition also claimed that Muslim men were mainly being targeted through the bill. BJP on the other hand calls it “vote bank politics,” Economic Times reported. The ordinance for triple talaq was issued in September, and due to this, the bill was presented in Lok Sabha on 17 December.

Since the Opposition caused an uproar in Parliament, the government agreed to make amendments to introduce bail as a provision.