Trump Stops US Manufacturing Company From Outsourcing Jobs, Threatens 35 Per Cent Tax 

Trump Stops US Manufacturing Company From Outsourcing Jobs, Threatens 35 Per Cent  Tax Donald Trump. Photo credit: Mark Lyons/GettyImages

The President-elect of United States Donald Trump yesterday (4 December) claimed that he had ‘persuaded’ United Corporation, the parent company of Carrier Corporation, from outsourcing more than 1,000 jobs to Mexico.

United Corporation had announced its intention to shut down two manufacturing plants in Indiana (one in Indianapolis, another in Huntington) as far back as February 2016. Trump turned the company into a political punch-bag during his campaign, claiming that he would stop the outsourcing and loss of jobs if he is elected president. As part of his efforts to win the votes of working classes, he had even threatened to impose punitive tariffs on companies that move manufacturing outside the US but continue to sell their products in the country.

Trump claimed that he continued to be ‘involved’ in talks with United Corporation even after his election victory. Late last week United Corporation announced that it will not go ahead with the planned closure of the above mentioned manufacturing plant and that a few hundred jobs that were to be shifted to Mexico will now remain in Indiana. The state government of Indiana had in return promised tax breaks to the tune of millions of dollars for the company.

Quick to take credit, Trump tweeted yesterday (4 December) saying that the business which believes in moving jobs out of the US and then hoping to sell its products back in the country without any trouble or retribution ‘is wrong’. He has threatened a 35 per cent tariff on such companies. He has also said that the US is going to 'reduce taxes and regulations for businesses'.

However, despite the recent ‘deal’, United Corporation is reported to be going ahead with the closure of its factory in Huntington, Indiana and shift those jobs to Mexico. Some 1,300 jobs will be lost in the US as a result of this move.