UK Re-Introduces Two-Year Post-Study Work Visa For International Students

UK Re-Introduces Two-Year Post-Study Work Visa For International Students(Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has unveiled a policy which will allow Indian and other international students who complete their higher education in the country to stay on in the United Kingdom to find work after they graduate, reports The Times Of India.

This will benefit tens of thousands of Indian students who study at British universities, who currently only get between four to six months in the country to look for jobs after graduating. The same policy of allowing international students to stay on for two years was also previously in place but was then revoked in 2011 when former prime minister Theresa May was home secretary.

In what will make sure that the international students graduating from the country can get full benefits of the two-year post-study visa, the government has also not put any cap on the number of individuals who can benefit from the same.

The number of Indian students had particularly declined in the years following the move to revoked the policy in the first place; 51,218 Indian students came to Britain in the 2010-11, a number which decreased sharply to 15,338 in 2017-18 and only began to rebound to an extent after that.

Indian students will likely find the United Kingdom to be a much more welcoming destination with this new policy, especially considering tightening immigration policies across the rest of the western world.