Uttarakhand To Get 100 Agri-Business Growth Centres, CM Rawat Appeals To Youths To Join These Initiatives

Uttarakhand To Get 100 Agri-Business Growth Centres, CM Rawat Appeals To Youths To Join These InitiativesUttarakhand CM Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat

Uttarakhand chief minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has made an appeal to the youth of the state to join the agri-business initiatives instead of choosing to leave the state for livelihoods and odd jobs. He has said that people of the state must use challenges thrown by Covid-19 for creating opportunity and livelihood by using initiatives that will keep them rooted to their home state.

The Trivendra Singh Rawat government is promoting tourism and agri-business related livelihoods in the state to fight the problem of outmigration.

Rawat has said that the youth must associate themselves with the agri-business growth centres -- Gramyanidhi -- in the state to increase and improve their livelihoods. He inaugurated one such agri-business growth centre in Thano.

Rawat has informed that 100 such growth centres will be coming up in the state on the Nyay Panchayat level and preparations are underway towards establishing them. This, he said, will contribute to the flora in the hill state and boost the growing of herbs and crops that improve the immunity of the body against diseases.

The growth centre will play a leading role in the collecting, processing and marketing of agricultural and non-agricultural products coming from the local farmers and youth.

Rawat informed that agricultural activity is being carried out on only 500 hectares of land out of the 5000 hectares of land in Thano area in the state. He said that the youth must turn to the land for growing cash crops in order to improve their livelihoods.

The agri-business growth centres are aimed to make the farmer and youth "Aatmanirbhar".

The hill districts in the state have seen people returning to their villages in the wake of Covid-19 spread in other states. People from the hill districts migrate to cities in other states for better opportunities, odd jobs and livelihoods.

The Rawat government is working to fight outmigration and efforts are on to use the returning of the migrants to the villages in the hill districts for creating opportunities within the state.