Vadodara: Controversial Comedian Kunal Kamra’s Show Cancelled Over ‘Anti-National’ Content 

Vadodara:  Controversial Comedian Kunal Kamra’s Show Cancelled Over ‘Anti-National’ Content Kunal Kamra (R) with Shehla Rashid (L) and Jignesh Mewani. (pic via Twitter)

Vadodara’s MS University has cancelled controversial comedian Kunal Kamra’s show after receiving objections from 11 ex-students of the college, Indian Express has reported.

The alumni of the university had claimed that Kamra had earlier mimicked the national anthem and supported the Tukde Tukde Gang, referring to Jawaharlal Nehru University students who had shouted slogans calling for breaking up of India. Further the alumni’s letter claimed that the comedian had the agenda of "polluting the minds of youth" ahead of 2019. They had questioned as to why nation loving universities like their alma mater was allowing anti-national elements into their campus. The mail did not name Kunal Kamra as that would give "popularity" to the comedian.

“What message do we want to convey by organising such antinational flagbearer youth comedians’ comedy show in Gujarat’s most prestigious university campus?” the letter read.

The university cancelled Kamra's scheduled comedy show following the complaint. Kamra was given a verbal communication regarding cancellation of his program. The comedian responded to the news by tweeting that he was "celebrating his day off in the future".