Varanasi Village Says ‘No Entry To Rahul Gandhi’ For Constantly Calling PM Modi ‘Chor’

Congress President Rahul Gandhi (@INCIndia/Twitter)

A village in Uttar Pradesh near Varanasi has put up poster announcing that it is denying entry to Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

The villagers residing in Kararhiya have erected posters that read Ye Chowkidaron ka gaon hain, yahan aana mana hain (This is Chowkidars’ village, you are not allowed to enter here).

This message directed toward Gandhi was in reaction to his constant criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, reports IANS.


A resident was quoted as saying, "Calling Prime Minister 'chor' has hurt the dignity of the nation. We don't want the person to step into our village, so we have put these posters".

The Varanasi constituency is all set to go for polls on 19 May.

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