Violent Protests By Pakistani Protesters Outside Indian High Commission In London; PIOs Including Children Hurt

Violent Protests By Pakistani Protesters Outside Indian High Commission In London; PIOs Including Children HurtPakistani Thugs Didn’t Even Spare Women and Children (@vinodtikoo/Twitter)

The High Commission of India in London on Thursday (15 August) witnessed violent protests by a crowd comprising mostly of the Pakistani thugs and hooligans waving Khalistani and Kashmiri flags and throwing objects on the members of the Indian diaspora who were gathered there to celebrate Independence Day peacefully, reports Times of India.

According to the report, the protesters, including hundred of thugs and hooligans among them, arrived outside the Indian High Commission in coaches from cities and town such as Birmingham and Nottingham at 12pm local time for the so-called anti-India protest. The families from the Indian diaspora had already gathered outside the commission for an afternoon of cultural performances at the same time.

The protesters, predominantly comprising of British Pakistanis, Pakistani Kashmiris and pro-Khalistan Sikhs, gathered at the road close by the commission and shouted abuse at the Indian diaspora across the thin line of control set up by police on horses.

As per the report, the protesters threw eggs, glass bottles, shoes, plastic water bottles, lighters, bananas, batteries, potatoes, hot coffee, their own placards and apples over the heads of the horses at the Indian diaspora who were holding Indian Flags and celebrating Independence Day.

The flying objects thrown by the violent Pakistani protesters hit many of the People of Indian Origin (PIO) and injured some of them. Besides, a group of protesters appeared from the other side after a couple of hours, sandwiching the Indian diaspora, including children.

It was only after hundreds of riot police were called that the violent thugs and hooligans masquerading as protesters were pushed back.

“I came here to celebrate. I have been hit with eggs twice. They have been violent and we have been peaceful. The police have allowed them to get too close. I don’t feel safe at all,” said a young PIO Kashmiri girl called Ash, 14, who lives in Leicester.

“It is very sad that law and order has failed in London. When Trump said it was failing, he was right. I blame London mayor Sadiq Khan for this absolute failure. They knew how many protesters were coming. They should have banned some of them. We have seen nothing but violence, intimidation and abuse,” said Jay Shah, a member of Friends of India Society International.