Watch: J Sai Deepak Explains Why Rohingyas Cannot Play The ‘Ethnic Minority’ Card

Swarajya Staff

Oct 25, 2018, 04:26 PM | Updated 04:26 PM IST

Engineer Turned Advocate Jai Sai Deepak. (Image Source: Facebook)
Engineer Turned Advocate Jai Sai Deepak. (Image Source: Facebook)

Engineer turned Lawyer J Sai Deepak talks about the issue of Rohingya Muslims, whose migration to India and deportation back to Myanmar created a lot of debates in 2017. Self Reliant Initiatives Through Joint Action (SRIJAN) Foundation is a Trust established in 1997 which is committed to reclaiming, rebuilding and revitalising the Indian Civilization. They have tweeted a video of Jai Sai Deepak explaining the ethnicity of Rohingya Muslims and why they are not to be considered as an Ethnic Minority.

Since August 2017, nearly 700,000 Rohingyas have fled their homes allegedly facing persecution in Myanmar (Burma). Neighbouring countries of Bangladesh and India have faced a major influx of the community. Sai Deepak believes that this case of Rohingya migration is similar to the case of illegal Bangladeshi citizens immigrating to Assam, West Bengal and the other North Eastern States since the 1970’s.

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