Winter Is Coming: Graded Response Action Plan To Counter Delhi’s Air Pollution Kicks In From Today

Winter Is Coming:  Graded Response Action Plan To Counter Delhi’s Air Pollution Kicks In From TodayAir pollution in the NCR. (Sakib Ali/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) in a bid to combat air pollution will implement an emergency action plan from today. The plan called Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP), will involve implementation of stringent actions based on air quality of the city, Financial Express has reported.

As per air quality standards of the city, measures under GRAP will be undertaken. If the air quality falls between moderate to poor categories, measures like halting garbage burning in landfills and other places, enforcing pollution control rules in brick kilns and industries would be implemented, said an official.

If air quality lies in the very poor category, apart from the aforementioned measures, stopping diesel generator use, increasing parking fees by 3-4 times and increasing frequency of metro and buses will also be implemented, added the official.

For the severe category, additional measures like increasing frequency of mechanised road cleaning, water sprinkling on roads and identification of high dust generation stretches of roads will be undertaken. And in case of severe plus emergency category, truck entry into Delhi will be banned (except for essential items), construction activities will be stopped, and a task force to take additional steps which include shutting schools will be implemented, he added.

Air quality in Delhi is in currently in the poor category, but predictions have been made by authorities that it could reach the very poor category in the next few days.

CPCB has also deployed 41 teams across Delhi NCR to ensure that norms are being followed to prevent pollution at source.