With Husbands In ‘Re-Education’ Camps, Uighur Women Forced To Share Beds With Chinese Officials In Xinjiang

With Husbands In ‘Re-Education’ Camps, Uighur Women Forced To Share Beds With Chinese Officials In XinjiangUighur women clashing with Chinese police during a protest (Representative Image) (@ShimonLevit/Twitter)

In a shocking report from China, Uighur Muslim Women whose husbands are in Chinese detention/concentration camps are being forced to sleep with Chinese officials who are there to monitor them, reports Independent UK.

Communist party workers regularly sleep alongside members of persecuted Uighur minority families during surveillance visits sources told Radio Free Asia (RFA).

Reportedly China has deployed more than a million spies – most of them male and part of the country’s Han ethnic majority – to stay in Uighur households every two months as part of what it calls the “Pair Up and Become Family” programme.

Males from Han Chinese community monitor the homes of Uyghur families in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) and as part of rehabilitation, regularly sleep with Muslim women whose husbands are in detention camp of China.

Muslim families are encouraged to regularly invite Chinese officials to their homes and make them aware of their religious and political views.

The communist government had earlier banned Muslims from wearing Islamic cap. Police permission must be sought to offer Namaz and Islamic customs are prohibited in Xinjiang province of China where Uyghur Muslims are being slowly being outnumbered by Han Chinese which many call a forced demography change .

The so called “Pair Up and Become Family” program is one of several repressive policies that aggressively targets Muslim women in china who stand helpless as most Muslim men (1.5 Lakh) are being kept in Detention Camp.