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'Humare Ram Aa Gaye Hain': Key Highlights Of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Speech At Ayodhya Temple

Kuldeep Negi

Jan 22, 2024, 02:37 PM | Updated 03:53 PM IST

PM Modi
PM Modi

The 'Pran Pratishtha' of Bhagwan Ramlalla was completed at Ayodhya Ram Mandir on Monday (22 January).

Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the religious ceremony as Mukhya (Chief) Yajmaan.

Addressing the gathering at the Ram Temple premises after the Pran Pratishtha ceremony, PM Modi said that after centuries of sacrifice and Tapasya, Lord Ram has returned to Ayodhya.

He also congratulated all 'Ram bhakts' (Devotees of Lord Ram) across the country on the occasion.

Here are the key highlights of PM Modi's speech at Ayodhya Ram Temple:

The Arrival of Lord Ram

PM Modi said that Lord Ram has returned to Ayodhya today (22 January) after centuries of wait, and congratulated to all countrymen.

"Today our Ram has come. After waiting for centuries our Ram has arrived. After centuries of unprecedented patience, countless sacrifices, sacrifices and penance, our Lord Ram has arrived. Many congratulations to all of you and all the countrymen on this auspicious occasion," PM Modi said.

Emotional Reflections at the Pran Pratishtha Ceremony

On the Pran Pratishtha ceremony, an emotional PM Modi told the gathering that he was appearing before them after witnessing the divine consciousness in the sanctum sanctorum of Ayodhya Ram Mandir.

"There is so much to say, but my throat is blocked. My body is still vibrating, my mind is still absorbed in the moment," he added.

A New Home for Ramlalla

PM Modi said that Ramlalla will no longer live in the tent and he will now reside in the divine temple.

"Our Ramlalla will no longer live in the tent. Our Ramlalla will now live in this divine temple. I have firm belief and immense faith that today, the devotees of Prabhu Ram are completely absorbed in this historic moment... the devotees of Prabhu Ram, in every corner of the country and the world, are deeply feeling this... This moment is divine, this moment is the holiest of all!" PM Modi said.

Nation's Continous Faith and Joy

He said that after the Bhoomi Pujan of Ram Temple, enthusiasm and excitement was increasing every day in the entire country.

"Watching the construction work, a new sense of belief was emerging among the citizens every day. Today, we have received the legacy of centuries of patience. Today, we have been graced with the temple of Lord Ram," PM Modi said.

Seeking Forgiveness from Lord Ram

"Today, I also seek forgiveness from Lord Ram. There must have been some deficiency in our efforts, sacrifice, and penance, which is why we couldn't accomplish this task for so many centuries.Today, that deficiency has been fulfilled. I believe that Lord Ram will surely forgive us today," the Prime Minister said.

Lord Ram in the Constitution of India

PM Modi highlighted the presence of Lord Ram in the first copy of the Indian Constitution and the irony of legal battles over his existence.

He expressed gratitude towards the judiciary for upholding justice in building the temple.

"In the first copy of India's Constitution, Lord Ram is present. Even after the Constitution came into existence, legal battles regarding the existence of Lord Ram continued for decades. I express my gratitude to India's judiciary, which has maintained the dignity of justice. The temple of Lord Ram, synonymous with justice, has also been built in a justified manner," the Prime Minister said.

Nationwide Celebrations and Devotion

The Prime Minister noted that the countrymen are celebrating the occasion with kirtans and sankirtans, cleanliness drives, and the lighting of 'Ram Jyoti' in every home.

PM's Personal Spiritual Journey

PM Modi also shared his personal spiritual experience during his 11-day fast and ritual, where he sought to follow the footsteps of Lord Ram from Sagar to Saryu.

"During my 11-day fast and ritual, I attempted to touch the places where Lord Ram had set foot. I am fortunate that I got the opportunity to travel from Sagar to Saryu with this sacred and pure intention," he said.

Lord Ram: The Soul of India

The Prime Minister eloquently stated that Lord Ram is intertwined with the soul of India, residing in the hearts of its people.

"Lord Ram is connected with every particle of India's soul. Ram resides in the hearts of Indians. Whenever we touch anyone's conscience in India, we will feel this unity, and this sentiment is found everywhere," he said.

Ramras: A Pan-Indian Experience

PM Modi reflected on how every era has experienced and expressed Lord Ram in its own way, with the continuous flow of 'Ramras'.

"In every era, people have lived the essence of Ram. In every era, people have expressed Ram in their own words and ways. This essence of Ram flows continuously like the stream of life," PM Modi said.

PM Modi highlighted that people from every corner of India have been partaking in the essence of Lord Ram since ancient times.

"Since ancient times, people from every corner of India have been partaking in the essence of Ram. The story of Ram is infinite, and so is the Ramayana. The ideals, values, and teachings of Ram are uniform everywhere."

Remembering the Contributors to Ram Temple movement

On the historic moment, PM Modi also remembered those personalities whose efforts and dedication have made the auspicious day possible.

"Today, in this historic moment, the country is remembering those personalities, whose work and dedication have brought us to this auspicious day. In this endeavor of Ram, many have shown the pinnacle of sacrifice and penance. We are indebted to those countless devotees, karsevaks, and saints," he said.

A Moment of Maturity and Humility

The Prime Minister described the occasion as not only a moment of celebration but also a reflection of the maturity of Indian society.

"Today's occasion is not only a moment of celebration but also a moment that signifies the maturity of Indian society. For us, this occasion is not just about victory, but also about humility," he said.

Dispelling Misconceptions

PM Modi said that in the past, some people said that the construction of the Ram Temple would lead to violence.

He added that such views failed to understand the sanctity of India's social fabric.

"There was a time when some people said that the construction of the Ram Temple would lead to violence. Such people failed to understand the purity of India's social sentiment. The construction of this temple of Ram Lalla symbolizes the peace, patience, harmony, and coordination of Indian society. This construction is not igniting fire but giving birth to energy," he said.

"Today, I call upon those people to feel and reconsider their thoughts. Ram is not fire, Ram is energy. Ram is not a dispute, Ram is the solution. Ram is not just ours, Ram belongs to everyone," he added.

The Right Time, Bharat's Time

PM Modi expressed that it's a fortunate coincidence that our generation has been chosen to be the architects of this timeless path.

"Today, with a wholly sacred mind, I feel that the cycle of time is changing. It is a pleasant coincidence that our generation has been chosen as the architects of a timeless path. A thousand years later, generations will remember our nation-building efforts of today. Therefore, I say - this is the time, the right time," he said.

"This is Bharat's time! This is a historic time! We have reached here after waiting for centuries. All of us eagerly waited for this period! Now, we will not stop! We will continue to fly high...we will reach the unprecedented heights of development," he said.

"With this immense feeling, I bow before Prabhu Ramlala! I once again congratulate you all on this extremely special occasion," he added.

Kuldeep is Senior Editor (Newsroom) at Swarajya. He tweets at @kaydnegi.

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