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IOA Urges Inclusion Of Yoga In Asian Games, Seeks Entry Into 2036 Olympics As Part Of Hosting Bid

Swarajya Staff

Jun 26, 2024, 06:08 PM | Updated 06:08 PM IST

A lady practises yoga. (Phil Walter/Getty Images) 
A lady practises yoga. (Phil Walter/Getty Images) 

Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has taken steps to include yoga in the Asian Games. This decision comes in the background of India's announcement to consider adding yoga as a potential sport for the 2036 Olympic Games, should it secure hosting rights.

In a letter to Olympic Council of Asia President Raja Randhir Singh, IOA President P T Usha has urged the Asian sports community to embrace the ancient Indian discipline known for fostering physical and mental health.

“The world celebrated the 10th International Day of Yoga on 21 June, and the response to its universal appeal has been overwhelming,” she wrote.

“People across nations have embraced yoga and drawn benefits. I am confident that as the spiritual home of yoga and as Vishwaguru, India can campaign for the inclusion of the sport in the Asian Games and eventually the Olympic Games as well,” she added.

The IOA President also highlighted that yoga, as a sport, could be highly appealing for broadcasters.

“Yoga has been a part of the Khelo India Games. Seeing its success, the National Games organisers in Goa included yoga, including mallakhambh and yogasanas, as part of the programme. I am sure that the Olympic Council of Asia will find good reason to accept my proposal,” Usha stated.

Additionally, she pointed out that the Louvre Museum in Paris will offer visitors the chance to participate in yoga sessions with instructors ahead of the Olympics next month.

“It is heartening that the Louvre is welcoming yoga. It is our responsibility to gain recognition for the sport by getting it included in the Asian Games and Olympic Games,” she said.

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