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Israel Deploys Top Legal Experts Including Holocaust Survivor To Counter Gaza Genocide Charge At International Court Of Justice

Nayan Dwivedi

Jan 10, 2024, 02:36 PM | Updated 02:29 PM IST

An Israeli delegation at the International Court of Justice. (Representative Image)
An Israeli delegation at the International Court of Justice. (Representative Image)

In a departure from its usual approach, Israel has chosen to actively participate in the International Court of Justice to counter allegations of committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

The legal team, featuring a former Israeli Supreme Court chief justice, a distinguished British barrister and a Holocaust survivor, signifies Israel's concerns about potential orders to halt its military campaign against Hamas.

It's noteworthy that genocide charges strike at the heart of Israel's national identity, challenging its image as a haven for Jews post-Holocaust.

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Initiated by South Africa, a longstanding critic of Israel's policies, the case is a rare instance of Israel engaging with international proceedings.

If proven, the charges could have repercussions on Israel's international standing.

While the case is expected to extend over several years, South Africa has urgently requested interim orders for Israel to suspend its military operations in Gaza, reported Economic Times.

The outcome of the case also holds significant political implications for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, particularly in the ongoing conflict with Hamas.

The move also underscores Israel's commitment to addressing the serious accusations transparently and comprehensively.

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Nayan Dwivedi is Staff Writer at Swarajya.

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