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Kerala: After Social Media Flare Up, Actor Suresh Gopi Says Statement On 'Non-Believers' Taken Out Of Context

Swarajya Staff

Feb 21, 2023, 01:13 PM | Updated 01:13 PM IST

Actor Suresh Gopi
Actor Suresh Gopi

Former Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP and film actor Suresh Gopi has said that his recent remarks about 'non-believers' had been taken out of context.

According to news reports, Gopi had said the following-

"While loving my Gods, I will love all the believers in the world at the same time, I will boldly say that I have no love for non-believers. I will not tolerate any power that tries to endanger the rights of the believers and I would pray in front of the sanctum sanctorum for their complete destruction. All should do that.

"Our devotion is not to harm anyone. But those who try to disrespect our devotion, our devotional institution or our way of devotion, not even one of them should lead a happy life in this world and end here."

The remarks had created a stir on social media. Many were quick to condemn the remarks. Some said that they were shocked to see Suresh Gopi make such a statement.

Responding to the controversy, Gopi said that he was "not disrespecting the valuable, sensible and thoughtful thinking of non-believers or atheists, and never will."

He added, 'I was talking about hindrances and attempts to foil exhibition, exhibit or display of loyal religious constitutionally acceptable practices of my religion.

"If anyone in the name of politics or other religions try to penetrate, I will pray for their damnation. I was referring to the distractors in Sabarimala and all those political forces who came against my religious right. That was my only intention and content."

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