Pakistan Army Architect, Strategic Master And Low Profile Supplier Of Taliban: Afghan VP Amrullah Saleh

Pakistan Army Architect, Strategic Master And Low Profile Supplier Of Taliban: Afghan VP Amrullah SalehAmrullah Saleh, Vice President of Afghanistan

Afghanistan Vice President Amrullah Saleh on Tuesday (27 July) said that Pakistan Army is the "architect, strategic master and low profile supplier" of the terrorist outfit Taliban.

The development comes in the backdrop of the ongoing fighting between the Afghan security forces and Taliban terrorists in the war-torn country after the US announced the complete withdrawal of its troops from the country after nearly two decades.

The Afghanistan government and its officials have long accused the Pakistani Army and its intelligence agency ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) of aiding and supporting Taliban terrorists.

In a tweet on Tuesday (27 July), Saleh, in an apparent reference to the Pakistan Army returning 46 Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers, said that such "propaganda stunts" would neither change the reality on the ground nor improve Pakistan's image in Afghanistan.

Pakistani Army on Tuesday (27 July) said that it returned 46 Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers after granting them "refuge and safe passage" into the country on Sunday (25 July).

According to a Pakistan Army statement, the Afghan security personnel "were unable to hold their military posts along [the] Pak-Afghan International Border due to [the] evolving security situation in Afghanistan".

"The propaganda stunts won't change the reality & improve Pak's image in my country," Saleh said.

"The reality is that Pak army is the architect, strategic master & low profile supplier of the ongoing full scale terror invasion in my country," the Afghan VP said in an apparent reference to Pakistan's support to Taliban.

"Forty second Twitter clip won't change the reality," Saleh said, referring to a video of the Pakistani Army returning the Afghan soldiers.

Saleh, who also headed the Afghan intelligence agency National Directorate of Security (NDS) from 2004 to 2010, has been a vocal critic of Pakistan and its security agencies' interference in Afghan matters.

He remains active on Twitter and faces the wrath of the Pakistani Twitterati over his tweets criticizing Islamabad.

He was recently trolled by Pakistani ministers, including Fawad Hussain, for a tweet in which he attached an image of the Pakistani Army surrender to the Indian Army in the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War. In the tweet, the Afghan VP also asserted that Afghanistan doesn't have such an image in its history and wouldn't have one in the future.


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