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PM Modi's 'Mujra' Jibe At INDI Alliance Over Appeasement Politics: All About It

Kuldeep Negi

May 25, 2024, 04:50 PM | Updated 04:50 PM IST

PM Modi
PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday (25 May) launched a scathing attack at the INDI Alliance, accusing the Opposition block of indulging in vote bank and appeasement politics.

Addressing an election rally at Patliputra in Bihar, PM Modi vowed to thwart alleged attempts to rob Dalits and backward classes of reservations by the INDI Alliance, which he accused of "enslavement" and performing "mujra" for Muslim vote bank. 

He also blamed INDI Alliance parties like RJD and Congress for SCs, STs and OBCs "being deprived of quotas" in minority institutions.

"Bihar is the land which has given a new direction to the fight for social justice. I wish to declare on its soil that I will foil the plans of INDIA bloc to rob SCs, STs and OBCs of their rights and divert these to Muslims. They may remain enslaved and perform 'mujra' to please their vote bank," the Prime Minister said, Economic Times reported.

Addressing another rally in Karakat, Bihar, PM Modi highlighted the stark differences between the present and past in the state, emphasising the hardships faced by the state during the rule of INDI Alliance partner RJD.

"I want to caution our first-time voters about the return of the jungle raj. The youth have not seen those old days when it was difficult to step outside after dusk. If someone arrived at the railway station at night, they had to wait until daylight. Kidnapping, robbery, and murder had become the unfortunate reality of Bihar," PM Modi said.

PM Modi praised the leadership of Nitish Kumar and the NDA government for steering Bihar out of the "jungle raj" era.

He emphasised the significant improvements in law and order under their governance.

"Under the leadership of Nitish Ji, the NDA government has brought Bihar out of the jungle raj. Those thugs, those dacoits, those robbers are currently hiding, waiting for an opportunity. If by any mistake, these "INDI" people appear to gain strength, they will be given the chance to resurface and together they will ruin your future," he added.

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