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Pune Porsche Crash Case: Grandfather Of Teen Arrested For 'Wrongful Confinement' Of Family Driver - Here's What Has Happened So Far

Kuldeep Negi

May 25, 2024, 02:49 PM | Updated 02:49 PM IST

Porsche accident killed two.
Porsche accident killed two.

The Pune city police on Saturday (25 May) arrested the grandfather of the minor boy who was previously arrested for allegedly driving a Porsche car at high speed and causing the deaths of two software engineers on 19 May.

The grandfather, a prominent realtor in Pune, faces charges of kidnapping and wrongful confinement following a complaint by the Porsche’s driver.

Pune City Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar stated that the driver was coerced into taking responsibility for the accident under threat of severe consequences if he did not comply.

The first information report (FIR) lodged at Yerawada police station details the driver's account.

He alleges that on the night of 19-20 May, the minor’s grandfather forced him to sit into a BMW and took him to their bungalow, where he and the minor’s father allegedly confiscated his mobile phone and confined him.

The grandfather and father of the minor boy then allegedly asked the complainant driver to take the blame for the Porsche car accident, the FIR stated.

The minor’s father, already in judicial custody, has also been implicated in this case.

“He was taken to the accused’s home…his cell phone was taken away and he was confined to the house. He was asked not to speak to anyone or go anywhere. He was pressured to give the police a statement as per the family’s wish,” Kumar said, adding that the driver was promised rewards “as per his wish” if he took the blame, Indian Express reported.

When the driver failed to reach home, his wife reached the residence of the accused on Monday, created a ruckus and took him away with her. The driver was brought to the Crime Branch on Thursday and his claims were corroborated, Kumar said.

This latest FIR is the third related to the accident.

The accident occurred on May 19 when a speeding Porsche without number plates collided with a motorcycle at Kalyani Nagar junction, killing two IT engineers.

The minor, initially granted bail, was later sent to an observation home until 5 June at the police’s request.

On Friday, Commissioner Kumar revealed attempts by the minor’s father to shift the blame to the driver, indicating possible destruction of evidence under Section 201 of the Indian Penal Code.

Investigations continue into whether the driver’s initial confession was made under duress and the involvement of the minor’s grandfather in pressuring the driver.

Police have reviewed security records and seized CCTV footage from the minor’s residence, which allegedly shows the minor taking the car.

Additionally, based on the minor’s information, a second FIR was lodged on 20 May against his father and others, including restaurant owners and managers who allegedly served alcohol to the minor and his friends before the accident.

The minor’s father was also arrested for providing a car without number plates and money to the minor, who was underage and didn't have a driving licence.

Five restaurant employees were arrested for serving liquor to the minor, with charges under the Juvenile Justice Act, Motor Vehicles Act, and other sections of the Indian Penal Code.

A special court has remanded the minor’s father and five restaurant personnel to judicial custody till 7 June.

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