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'Should Everybody Be Poor?': What PM Modi Said On Income Inequality And Wealth Creators In Latest Interview

Kuldeep Negi

May 17, 2024, 10:48 AM | Updated 01:16 PM IST

PM Modi (Pic Via AajTak)
PM Modi (Pic Via AajTak)
  • The Prime Minister stated that wealth distribution is a gradual process where those who achieve success help others rise along with them.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emphasised the importance of respecting wealth creators, asserting that their success is essential for the nation's overall progress.

    In an interview with Aaj Tak, PM Modi also said that the income inequality in the country will decrease gradually.

    When asked about  a report of international economists which said that income inequality is increasing in India, PM Modi questioned the alternative of ensuring uniform poverty to eliminate inequality.

    "Should everybody be poor? Everyone should be poor, then there will be no difference. This was the case in the country earlier. Now you say that everybody should rich, so it will happen gradually not overnight," he said.

    He emphasised that wealth distribution is a gradual process, stating, "Some will come, they will bring those who are below. Those who will come a little higher, they will pull up others. So there is a process."

    "So either we decide that we all want to remain poor. There are two options, one if if everyone gets ten rupees, and you have to survive on ten rupees. Other one is that We should try and move forward. Today we will make ten tomorrow it will it will increase to hundred, then day after tomorrow it will become five hundred," the Prime Minister said.

    In response to a question about Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's allegations on him of favouritism towards big industrialists like Adani and Ambani, PM Modi launched a scathing attack on the Gandhi-Nehru family.

    He compared the criticism he faces to that endured by Nehru, accusing the Gandhi family of perpetuating a legacy of attacks against wealth creators.

    "Nehru ji used to face abuses of Birla-Tata ki Sarkar. Nehru ji used to hear it continuously. Now the problem of this family (Gandhi family) is that the abuses that my maternal grandfather faced, Modi should also face them, then why did he [Rahul] bring Rafale? They thought if I will raise Rafale issue, it will wash away the sins of Bofors, so that is why it is a psychological problem," PM Modi said.

    Modi argued that respecting & supporting wealth creators is essential for the country's progress.

    "I am not ashamed. I say from the Red Fort that in this country wealth creators should be respected. The reputation of the capable people and the powerful people in my country should increase," PM Modi said.

    "For the bright future of my country, as much as I worry about the sweat of the labours, the same way I worry about the wealth of wealth creators/capitalist," he said.

    He stressed the importance of recognising achievements across various fields and supporting the growth of multinational companies from India.

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