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Veteran Congress Leader Natwar Singh Slams Gandhi Family For "Pathetic State" Of Party

Swarajya Staff

Oct 01, 2021, 11:38 AM | Updated 11:37 AM IST

Former Union Minister Natwar Singh
Former Union Minister Natwar Singh

Amid the ongoing political crisis in Punjab, veteran Congress leader and former Union Minister Natwar Singh on Thursday (30 September) slammed party leadership and said that nothing is going right in the party at present.

Singh also slammed Rahul Gandhi for "calling the shots" without holding any position in the party.

In an interview with News18, Singh said that the party is in “very poor shape”.

“What sort of Congress party do you have now? The Congress he (Amarinder Singh) joined is quite different from what it is now. It’s in very poor shape. I don’t know whether he will leave the Congress, but the fact of the matter is that at one point, the Congress was one of the greatest democratic parties in the world. Today, it’s in a pathetic state,” Singh was quoted as saying.

The veteran Congress leader said that the Gandhis were accountable for the Congress’ state of affairs.

"Who else is calling the shots? Ghulam Nabi Azad is not, AK Antony is not. Nobody in the working committee is. It’s the family that’s calling the shots," Singh said.

Natwar Singh had left the Congress after a 25-year association over his fallout with Sonia Gandhi.

He further said that both Rahul and Priyanka are "knocking on the doors of middle age" and that the party needs younger people.

In an interview with ANI, Singh said, "...(Present situation of Congress) It's not alright at all, there are three people responsible, one of them is Rahul Gandhi who doesn't even hold any designation, and he is calling the shots...,".

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