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Diksha Yadav

Jan 08, 2024, 07:35 PM | Updated 08:00 PM IST

🛕 EP03: Karsevaks Who Died In 1990 Ayodhya Police Firing

Episode 3 of All About Ayodhya
Episode 3 of All About Ayodhya


Ram Ram! We are back with a new episode in our All About Ayodhya series. 

Over 50 karsevaks and others were killed in police firings ordered by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav on 30 October 1990 and 2 November 1990.

How are their families doing today? What motivated these karsevaks to go to Ayodhya back then when it wasn't so clear that a temple would be built at all?

Swarajya's Swati Goel Sharma spoke with families of courageous Karsevaks who died in the police firing incident. In today's episode, she shares their stories as told by their families.

The families she met were from simple backgrounds, and their only wish was for Ram Lalla to have the rightful place.

"What people in Ayodhya told me was that the numbers reported are very conservative, and firing was also done on Mahants, Sants... they say that more than 50 people would have died in this heinous police firing incident", Swati says in the podcast.

Listen here: (open on your phone)

I hope you did not miss Part II of Must Visits for Ram Bhakts in Ayodhya episode, in which Swati shares all about Karsevakpuram—the story of the place, her conversations with people, and also about the two important Karyashalas.

Both Part I and Part II of Must Visits for Ram Bhakts are a must-listen if you have visited Ayodhya or are planning to visit it anytime soon.

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