'Last Night, TMC Goons Damaged Property And Warned Us To Not Come Out Today': Resident Of South Kolkata Locality That Voted Today

DIksha Yadav

Apr 10, 2021, 08:27 PM | Updated 08:27 PM IST

West Bengal Elections
West Bengal Elections
  • Victims claim that the local police was informed about the incident immediately, but arrived late, after an hour, by the time goons had escaped.
  • This morning, around three to four Trinamool Congress (TMC) activists created ruckus at a residential area in 1st Lane, Bediadanga Colony, Kasba locality in South Kolkata.

    The TMC men arrived at 1:30 am, damaged property in the area and also warned people not to go out for voting in the morning. The Kasba Assembly election voting date is today, 10 April, 2021.

    Vivek Singh, a witness of the incident while informing Swarajya said, “TMC goons attacked at my uncle’s place, my mother and grandparents were terrified, the goons damaged property, windows and doors and were heavily pelting stones.”

    Shattered windows
    Shattered windows
    Stones on bed
    Stones on bed

    “They also warned people in the neighbourhood not to step out for voting in the morning,” he added.

    Vivek shared with Swarajya that his uncle, Rupesh Singh, who is an activist and a BJP supporter was possibly the goons’ main target as he has been promoting BJP in the area.

    He has also shared with Swarajya videos recording the damage left behind by the attackers.

    During the chaos, thankfully, no one was harmed physically, as the family members moved away from windows and doors as soon as the first stone broke into the house, he said.

    The Kasba Police Station was informed about the incident immediately, but the police arrived late, after an hour, by the time goons had escaped.

    At around 12 am, the BJP candidate of Kasba locality, Indranil Khan was allegedly attacked by the TMC goons. Khan is now under police protection at the Kasba Police Station. Rupesh Singh, whose house was attacked at night is also at the police station with him.

    Diksha Yadav is a senior sub editor at Swarajya.

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