Muslim Mob Used Women As “Human Shields” To Lynch Cops As Part Of Pre-Planned Conspiracy, Delhi Riots Chargesheet Says

Arihant Pawariya

Jul 18, 2020, 08:36 PM | Updated 08:36 PM IST

Delhi Police Head Constable, late  Ratan Lal.
Delhi Police Head Constable, late Ratan Lal.
  • Chargesheets filed by the Delhi Police not only reveal conspiracies and strategies to attack the policemen, but also how a prominent news channel was misled in its coverage of the riots.
  • Wazirabad road (number 59), which separates Hindu-majority Yamuna Vihar and Muslim-majority Chand Bagh, became a major hotspot of violence during the Delhi riots of 24-25 February.

    This is the place where a Muslim mob gheraoed and lynched a police party leading to the death of Head Constable Ratan Lal and injury to many others.

    A chargesheet filed by the Delhi Police (accessed by Swarajya) points to a deep conspiracy hatched by anti-CAA protesters, and claims that 24 February was specifically picked to start riots because that was the day US President Donald Trump landed in India for a two-day visit.

    The organisers of the protest site at Chand Bagh wanted to gain popularity by projecting the protest internationally, the chargesheet says.

    Not only that, as per the chargesheet, the protesters started pelting stones at the police without any provocation which forced the cops to huddle together. As a part of the conspiracy, the cops were then gheraoed by women protesters from three sides so that they couldn’t take coercive action. Their backs were against the 5-feet tall road divider.

    As women acted as human shields, the rioters behind them kept pelting stones at the policemen. Cops tried to jump over the divider but only a few succeeded.

    The rest were lynched by the rioters.

    This incident was also captured on camera and was widely circulated on social media at the time of riots infuriating one and all. But it’s the first time that police has accused the protesters of doing this as a part of a pre-planned conspiracy.

    It was not until extra police force and Hindu mob from nearby area came to the rescue of cops that the unruly Muslim mob relented, the chargesheet says.

    Here is a screenshot from the Delhi Police chargesheet, which details the brutality that occurred on the afternoon of 24 February.

    After the Hindu mob arrived on the scene and started countering Muslim rioters, it turned into a full-fledged riot between the two communities.

    This led to the death of a Muslim rioter named Shahid Alam due to a gunshot when he was on the roof of a godown-cum-shop named “Saptarishi Ispat and Alloy Pvt. Ltd”, a shop that had been taken over by Muslim mob.

    Enter NDTV And Ravish Kumar

    On 5 March, NDTV’s prime time anchor Ravish Kumar aired a few video clips on his show which showed some rioters on the roof of Mohan Nursing Home and Hospital pelting stones and bricks towards those who are capturing them on video.

    Mohan Nursing Home is opposite the Saptarishi Ispat shop, where Muslim rioters were launching their attacks on Hindu mobs across the road.

    One can be certain that the video aired by NDTV was shot by one of the Muslim rioters who was at the Saptarishi godown because in the same show, another video aired by NDTV shows injured Shahid Alam being taken down from the roof, by a group of other rioters, after he was shot.

    Screen grab from <i>NDTV Prime Show</i>, 5 March 2020 which shows Shahid Alam being brought down from roof by ladder.
    Screen grab from <i>NDTV Prime Show</i>, 5 March 2020 which shows Shahid Alam being brought down from roof by ladder.
    Screen grab from <i>NDTV Prime Show</i>, 5 March 2020 which shows Shahid Alam being carried by his fellow rioters.
    Screen grab from <i>NDTV Prime Show</i>, 5 March 2020 which shows Shahid Alam being carried by his fellow rioters.

    NDTV also aired some high resolution pictures of Hindu rioters (clicked from the top floor of Saptarishi godown — as one can see, one of the persons in above screenshot has a good DSLR camera also).

    In that show, to his credit, Ravish Kumar also aired the video which shows burqa-clad Muslim women gheraoing policemen, who are being pelted with stones by a Muslim mob. Video of the lynching of the cops was also aired.

    But where Ravish Kumar and NDTV erred was by not putting the first three videos aired on the show in proper context.

    The narrative woven by them innocently shows that a Muslim boy who is an auto driver was shot at by rioters (who were Hindus), firing from Mohan Nursing Home, towards the Muslim-majority colony. It fails to even question the presence of Shahid and other Muslim rioters on the top of Saptarishi building.

    The NDTV show also hinted that Shahid died due to firing from the other side probably by the gun which Hindu rioters were using from the rooftop of Mohan Nursing Home as seen in the screen grab below.

    However, the police investigation found that this was highly unlikely.

    The Delhi Police sent a letter to NDTV on 8 March for videos aired on its 5 March show. But apparently this request wasn’t complied with. Police sent another reminder on 14 May. After receiving the video, an analysis was done and informers activated on the ground to identify the rioters seen in the footage.

    "The distance between both the two building (Saptarishi and Mohan Nursing) was measured and it was found that buildings are 78 metres apart. There are three copper fragments recovered from the body of the deceased; FSL result is pending quo the bore of the bullet and make of the gun/pistol through it was fired. As of now, it seems the fragments obtained are of small arm and hence it is highly unlikely that it could’ve been fired from Mohan Nursing home (sic),” read the chargesheet.

    Also, as it turns out, the Muslim rioters were equally, if not more, aggressive in pelting stones and bottles towards Mohan Nursing Home and Hindus across the road.

    The Delhi Police has so far arrested six accused people who were with Shahid and involved in rioting. These six — Mohammed Firoz, Rais Khan, Chand Mohammed, Mohammed Junaid, Irshad and Akhil Ahmed — have all pleaded guilty of first attacking the police party and then taking over the building of Saptarishi godown by evicting three people, who were present there (all of whom have identified and testified against the six accused) and pelting stones and firing from the rooftop on Hindu mob across the road.

    Call data records of the accused also places them around the scene of crime.

    Below is the testimony of Chand Mohammed, where he accepts the crimes of rioting, attacking the police and theft from Saptarishi godown.

    To sum up, Ravish Kumar and NDTV got played by the Muslim side by giving them videos of Hindu rioters, who were retaliating against the Muslim rioters.

    At best, the channel and anchor were useful idiots for Muslim rioters. At worst, they became willingly complicit by airing what they should’ve known was, most likely, propaganda video shot by one of the rioters themselves.

    Arihant Pawariya is Senior Editor, Swarajya.

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