Reawakening Of Pagan India And The Challenge It Can Pose To Abrahamic Worldviews: Part III

Reawakening Of Pagan India And The Challenge It Can Pose To Abrahamic Worldviews: Part III

by George Thundiparambil - Sep 5, 2020 06:27 PM +05:30 IST
Reawakening Of Pagan India And The Challenge It Can Pose To Abrahamic Worldviews: Part III
Hindu devotees chant prior to immersing an idol of Goddess Durga into the Yamuna river on the last day of the Durga Puja. (Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)
  • The political and material success of Hindus over the concerted aggression by ‘people of the book’ gives a stern signal to the latter that the Abrahamic worldview is realistically flawed.

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[Continued from part II]

Back home, the pagan government under Narendra Modi also began to level the playing field, transforming the new republic of India by bringing in legislation to remove the privileges enjoyed by the Abrahamic institutions by virtue of the old colonial elements that survived in the Indian legal system.

A male-chauvinistic divorce law of the Muslims, the triple talaq, was banned, which brought succour to numerous Muslim women in India.

The repeal of the special status given to Jammu and Kashmir also brought parity for the women in the region and levelled the field with the rest of India.

The Muslim men in this state had hitherto enjoyed extraordinary privileges since Independence vis-à-vis women in their own state and Hindus in other states for the simple reason that they were Muslim men in a Muslim majority state.

Then the Modi government’s Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed by both houses of Parliament at the end of 2019.

This law gave citizenship to non-Muslim refugees who had fled persecution in the neighbouring Islamic countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan and were living in India for years.

This was an essential law to accommodate persecuted minorities of the said countries who have been languishing in makeshift camps in many places in India.

As can be expected in cases of superstition, true to their esoteric belief in the inferiority of the pagan, the ‘people of the book’ worldwide were shocked by the revival of the beaten pagans against the odds.

Money was brought into the country in large amounts to orchestrate violent attacks against public facilities and utilities in India, and, as demonstrated elsewhere in the world, the Islamists were the chosen weapon of dissent against a legitimate government.

The planned acts of violence against the pagan government in several places in the country were reported by the international press as “peaceful protests” against the “unfair” citizenship law that excluded Muslims from its purview, and the police action that followed to stem the damage was termed as “fascist” and “extreme”.

The blitzkrieg in the Western press pronounced Narendra Modi’s BJP government guilty of oppressing and killing Muslims. The Washington Post and The New York Times, in particular, sang bleeding heart ballads of pagan villainy against the Muslim bros!

The European press followed suit revealing their essential inadequacy and inability to be objective in the face of Abrahamic prejudice against the pagan that formed the ossified fabric of their common sense and sensibility.

The ‘people of the book’ clubs in the US and Europe passed resolutions against the pagan action in India, enacting a ludicrous drama of sordid breast-beating, but showcasing the tribalist mentality that binds together all the ‘people of the book’.

Facing the enormous global might of the ‘people of the book’, the pagans played it cool, borrowing just one leaf from their opponents’ book — tit for tat, or a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye!

The revived pagans obviously realised that no amount of rationalisation is going to save the day against the ‘people of the book’, but to retaliate in kind, resorting to calculated violence and aggression.

However, the mainstream global press is not willing to permit the pagans and kafirs any respite whatsoever, with or without the pandemic!

Recently, the liberal bleeding hearts that run The Guardian newspaper looked more concerned about the sufferings of the poor in India, ignoring the fact that a large number of UK citizens as well as foreigners who study and work there were experiencing the most harrowing hardships of their lifetimes during the lockdown.

Even in a city like London, many of its citizens were and are going hungry and ill after being neglected or completely abandoned by the government as Covid-19 ravaged the country.

But the dominant Western media must essentially harp on the pagan’s fate rather than on their own.

This alone will reassure the majority of its readers that the situation of the pagans is worse than theirs, so everything is fine! Though these media men and women profess to be secular and humanists, their stance is analogical to and demonstrative of the farcical and original guesswork put forward by Thomas Aquinas that the chief pleasure and enjoyment of the dead Christians who go to heaven constitutes the uninterrupted viewing of the suffering and torture of those who are dead and have gone to hell!

The living pagan will suffer on earth and when dead will suffer in hell, while the ‘people of the book’ will inherit the earth while alive and then occupy heaven after death!

Aquinas’ effort won him sainthood and the church even placed him above Aristotle as a “philosopher”.

So, there are enough premises for us to surmise that the ‘people of the book’ have everything to lose if they concede the success of the pagans, because it signals to their shaky inner selves that their ideals, principles and dogmas based on a limited worldview is simply inadequate to explain the revival of the pagans and the return of their spiritual icons!

This ‘black swan’ phenomenon may bring on mental imbalance as has been noted by psychologists and social scientists.

Beginning of the end of the Abrahamic worldview

As I write this, the Abrahamic worldview is subscribed to by the vast majority of the human species on this planet.

According to a 2015 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, more than 55 per cent of the world’s population comprise Christians (31.2 percent) and Muslims (24.1 per cent).

The third largest group is the Unaffiliated, which consists of 16 per cent, and the Hindu group comprising 15 per cent is the fourth.

The share of actual pagan cultures in the last 29 per cent is too small to be considered as a force as they are scattered all over the place.

The rest include 0.2 per cent Jews and nearly 6 per cent Buddhists who necessarily share neither the zeal of proselytisation nor display the irreverent pagan spirit.

The third “Unaffiliated” group comprises people calling themselves “secular”, or “non-religious” or “agnostic/atheist”, a majority of whom are ex-Christians and a mixture of ex-Muslims, ex-Jews, Communists and so on.

Therefore, most of the members of this 16 per cent group also subscribe to the basic Abrahamic worldview and merely disagree with it about the presupposition of a “father in heaven”.

Taking into account the real human instinct for spirituality, they can actually do so only by throwing away the baby with the bathwater; they have renounced the bearded father who watches over them, but in the process were orphaned in a spiritual sense!

Then they cease to comprehend the meaning of the spirit in their daily life and favour and cultivate purely animal instincts. In order to obtain the correct information in this regard, they are required to look elsewhere, perhaps in an old culture, but they cannot and are helpless due to their own psychological limits imposed by their unfounded education and poor understanding of reality.

This means that more than 71 per cent of the global population subscribes to the restricted Abrahamic worldview, whatever may be their individual expressed belief.

These statistics describe a grim scenario for the pagans once again and it is hard to imagine how the pagans can survive beyond a few decades into the future, if the current trend continues.

The general statistical trend reported by the Pew Research Center points to a steady increase in Islam and Christianity mainly by virtue of their high fertility rate.

A Muslim woman has 2.9 children on an average and a Christian woman, 2.6. The Hindu or Jewish woman with 2.3 is below the global average of 2.4 percent. (Note: these figures may be a bit outdated now).

It is a well-known secret ignored by the media that this high fertility rate is maintained by massive violations of women’s rights. The scriptural injunctions of Christians and Muslims to propagate their faiths among pagans and kafirs also impose on them an indirect obligation to violate children’s rights by aggressively brainwashing juveniles in the family on a daily basis with the aid of organised professionals.

As is well known, women adhering to these two faiths forsake all moral rights to their own bodies.

Coupled with enormous funds from their zealous brethren abroad to propagate these two religions, it could be reasoned that eventually these two faiths will swallow all other religions and then ultimately turn against each other and annihilate each other to fulfil the doomsday prophecy (end of the world) described in their books!

People who are familiar with the core beliefs of these two religious groups will find no exaggeration on my part about the anticipated doomsday, because it forms the core of these two tribalistic religious cults.

To add fuel to the fire, many pockets in the Indian Republic have been captured by sizeable populations that have been converted to Christianity, Islam and the Maoist ideology.

So much so that even Hindu ascetics are sometimes hunted down in these areas and lynched without raising any eyebrows in the media.

The most recent such lynching involved two Hindu sadhus and their driver in April 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown on the Maharashtra-Gujarat border.

There have been reports of other such instances that missed the headlines of most media houses in the last 10 years.

In general, attacks against Hindu pagans and their traditions have amplified in intensity and number in the last 10 years despite the political rise of the Hindus for obvious reasons.

Though future prospects look pathetic and gravely dismal for an otherwise smart human species, what I would like to show you here is that there is a silver lining even in these times of horrifyingly dark clouds.

The vast number of women who have literally become baby-making machines for the sake of their faiths belong to a type that is intellectually distorted and clueless, circumscribed by their incorrect worldview.

Whatever may be their IQ, their basic view of existence virtually limits their awareness of actual phenomena and reverts them back to animal consciousness.

These people are merely followers and not leaders or decision makers.

It is the clergy who run the show and lead these blind herds. The strength of a Christian or Muslim organisation depends on the size of the herd each possesses.

This strength is translated into wealth and political power by brandishing the solidarity of its crowds as a physical threat or as potential electoral votes.

However, the number of this clergy is relatively small and they become powerless when the light of knowledge shines on their enslaved flocks and liberates them from this mental dungeon spun out of ignorance.

Most heads of governments on the planet support the clergy for their own political sustenance (especially in democracies), unless of course they are also part of the enslaved herd, as is the case in Islamic countries such as Iran or Pakistan.

The clergy exert power by instilling (brainwashing) the core beliefs of these cults in children from a very young age.

Once they start uttering these blind doctrines by rote, they are admitted to the organisation as full-fledged members.

By the time they are 18, they have become slaves, stunted and in mental chains.

They cannot go on to become rational beings who have naturally evolved and have been existing on this planet for at least a few millennia.

These fantastical ideas, which have nothing to do with reality and phenomenal existence, have not evolved through natural selection. They have been consistently imposed upon generation after generation through the use of physical force and coercion.

The continued sustenance of an unnatural concept in a human herd that doesn’t fit in with self-perceived reality depends on a lot of sweat and toil.

The absence of this effort for just one generation, for whatever reason, is enough for such a worldview to fall apart and depart from the mainstream.

If only parents would teach their children phenomenal reality as we perceive them rather than teach revelation!

Truth revealed in books has nothing to do with the reality in which we live.

Perceiving reality as it is will make people mature overnight and see the world as it is.

This presupposes enlightened parents in the first place, and this is where the material success and rise of Hindu pagans makes a big difference.

With more than 71 per cent of the world’s population subscribing to a limited biblical worldview, all databases on which modern social sciences are founded are affected by this flaw in basic assumptions.

With the progression of thought from such a flaw, the ‘people of the book’ logically anticipate pagans to do bad in everything they do because they are, according to the Abrahamic worldview, flawed in innate human qualities.

For them, baptism or circumcision is the gateway to becoming the super human and, in contrast, the pagan is doomed to do bad because their book says so.

Any evidence to the contrary will shake the inner certitude of the believer and will release him from the delusion that he has been forced into.

A painful, but necessary process!

The political and material success of Hindus over the concerted aggression by ‘people of the book’ gives a stern signal to the latter that the Abrahamic worldview is realistically flawed.

Their god has no more power over pagans!

The general realisation by people all over the world that they now have a choice of viable worldviews, and that they are not limited to the one that has been thrust upon them, will release them automatically from their self-inflicted captivity.

Ignorance, like darkness, is not a positive thing, but just an absence of information and light.

The worldview of the ‘people of the book’ holds them in an esoteric realm that intercepts reality only in its physical sense.

The remaining part of this esoteric world is dominated by entities that are exclusively supplied by their scriptures and thus occupy their gross minds.

In this realm, the material and physical success of the pagan rings the deathknell for their Lord God, the chief character in their scriptures.

With a self-proclaimed 2,000-year guarantee period of Christianity, and the 1,500-year guarantee period of Islam, their followers anticipate the end of their own religions soon, which in their esoteric parlance is described as the “end of the world”.

The fuse of this esoteric but self-destruct bomb in their scriptures has already been lit.

How quickly it is defused is dependent on how good the response of the pagans will be in educating and enlightening their deluded brethren before they cause more and more harm to this planet and all that it holds.

This situation calls for relentless and concerted action by the pagans to demonstrate the viable worldviews that explain phenomena far better than the one-dimensional spirituality peddled by ‘people of the book’ and also to demonstrate the myriad ways spirituality is tackled in daily life.

The repertoire of spirituality offered by the Hindu worldview to the world comprehensively offers every individual an appropriate and custom-made spiritual solution.

For those who care little for worship, rituals and traditions, there are viable philosophies that will hold a mirror to the variegated potential of human existence.

In this scenario, atheism, as espoused in the Western sense of it, becomes the gateway to the endless dimensions of spirituality by which an individual human being can realise one’s utmost potential as one likes it.

This restores sanity to the individual by aligning his expectations with reality and his own experience of it.

The wheel of time has turned again and the age of ignorance is virtually over.

The Hindu pagan formula of “satyameva jayate”, or “truth alone prevails”, indicates the way to go for future generations of the human species.

The dictum is a prophecy that is rooted in the sanity of the human species.

How soon this fact is realised will decide a person’s term of suffering and happiness, dissatisfaction and contentment.

The truth has revealed itself with the Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya: monotheistic faith is the biggest lie and fraud the earth has ever seen!

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