Sponsored: A Governance Expedition to USA Organised By Vision India Foundation

Sponsored: A Governance Expedition to USA Organised By Vision India FoundationWIF/WGE

21st century India is rejuvenated and commands global attention. As the country’s story unfolds, we need to bring the required reforms in governance also. Without making appropriate changes in governance, the other aspects of our growth story remain handicapped.

One way to improve governance is to learn from what other countries have done. Keeping this in mind, Vision India Foundation has designed the World Governance Expedition which takes a delegation of selected individuals to understand international best practices in government and how they can be adapted.

The upcoming edition of World Governance Expedition is in October 2016 to USA. The delegation will meet policy makers from the US and interact with them to understand how the world’s superpower deals with the issues of policy and governance. The interactions will cover the entire spectrum of policy makers including senior executives in the government, elected representatives at the state and federal level, mayors, city managers, political campaign managers and many more. Interactions with academicians and civil society leaders will give insights on how the government engages with external stakeholders. The delegates will also observe and understand a variety of public utilities which make the life of Americans comfortable at the local level, such as libraries, schools, etc.

What comprises the delegation? Social and political leaders, policy professionals including researchers and public officials, entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs, university students, young policy enthusiasts, non-profit professionals, journalists, and explorers.

The expedition is scheduled from October 2nd to October 15th. Applications are open for Indian citizens as well as those from other countries. Every country has something to learn from other countries and a diverse group of international delegation supports a lot of peer learning. These two weeks will be those of intense learning, networking, brainstorming and fun.

The delegation will start travelling from Boston and conclude in Atlanta. On the way, it will visit New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, and Durham along with some smaller cities and national parks.

The expedition includes an interaction with a Justice of US Supreme Court, Obama’s former campaign manager, the office of Mayor of Boston, CNN International Headquarters, universities like Harvard, Duke, Georgetown, Smithsonian museums in DC, and much more. The itinerary is available here.

The program cost is $2900 including domestic travel, stay, food, course material, event tickets etc. It does not include the international air travel. The selection process is given here. You can also nominate an appropriate person for the program. For more details, visit the program website.

About the Organization:

Vision India Foundation (VIF) is a nation-building movement which engages bright young minds on the issues related to policy and governance. It was started by alumni and faculty members of various IITs. The organization has worked with state governments, elected representatives, quasi-government organizations, politicians and much more. Through programs like Policy BootCamp, Good Governance Yatra, and World Governance Expedition, VIF trains youth who can lead the change in the country. More details are here.

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