'Sudhar Jao Yar': Shami Calls Out Former Pakistani Cricketers For Making Controversial Allegations Against India During ODI World Cup

Bhuvan Krishna

Nov 22, 2023, 03:40 PM | Updated 03:40 PM IST

Indian pacer Mohammed Shami.
Indian pacer Mohammed Shami.

In a recent interview, India's star pacer Mohammed Shami, who emerged as the highest wicket-taker in the just-concluded ODI World Cup, took a strong stance against former Pakistan cricketers making controversial comments to gain attention.

He expressed disappointment with the comments made by some former Pakistan players, particularly referring to Hasan Raza's theory of 'Indian bowlers being provided a different ball.'

"I wasn't part of the initial World Cup matches. When I joined, I took five wickets, then four in the next match, followed by another five. Some Pakistan players couldn't accept it; what can I do?" Shami stated in a clip from his interview with a sportswear brand.

Shami, known for his composed demeanour, emphasised that he doesn't feel jealousy and believes in enjoying the success of others.

He attributed the controversial comments from some Pakistan players to their mindset of considering themselves the best, leading them to make unfounded claims that Indian bowlers use a different ball.

"What they have in their mind is that 'we are the best.' The best is the one who performs when needed. But they continue to create controversy, claiming that Indian bowlers use a different color or company ball. Sudhar jao yaar (get it together), start behaving," added the 33-year-old Indian pacer.

Shami acknowledged that Pakistan's fast-bowling legend, Wasim Akram, had also disapproved of Raza's comments, explaining the ball selection process in an interview.

Shami highlighted the absurdity of such claims, especially coming from an ex-player, stating, "I accept that I can be a bit bitter with my words, but one has to speak out against such baseless things."

Bhuvan Krishna is Staff Writer at Swarajya.

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