SemiconIndia Dashboard: Live Updates From Gandhinagar

V Bhagya Subhashini

Jul 28, 2023, 12:32 PM | Updated 03:05 PM IST

SemiconIndia 2023. (Twitter)
SemiconIndia 2023. (Twitter)

The second edition of 'SemiconIndia 2023' is being organised from 28 July to 30 July by India Semiconductor Mission in partnership with industry and industry associations.

The programme was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi today (28 July).

Its aim is to make India a global hub for semiconductor design, manufacturing and technology development which will help propel India's Semiconductor Mission.

"A few years earlier, India was a small player in the sector. Now, our share in the global electronics sector has increased a lot. In 2014, India's electronics production was less than $30 billion. Now, it has crossed $100 billion. The country which was first an importer of mobile phones is now making the best phones in the world and exporting them," said Narendra Modi in his inaugural speech.

"At SemiconIndia last year, everyone present at the event was asking why they should invest in India with regards to the semiconductor industry. Now that question has become why not invest in India," added PM Modi. 

"PM Modi's vision is that India becomes a global player in the semiconductor sector. Gujarat has a special and dedicated semiconductor policy to ensure Gujarat becomes the semiconductor hub in the country. Gujarat has become the business centre for many companies," said the Gujarat Chief Minister.

AI will fuel an insatiable demand for additional computing power- AMD's CTO.

Regarding the influence of AI on semiconductors, AMD's CTO stated, "It will drive an insatiable demand for more computing."

We already have a non-linear demand for extra computation. AI necessitates close collaboration between CPUs and GPUs, a carefully tuned software stack to harmonise and cooperate with the applications, and novel computing in the future. Moore's law is weakening." He also stated that a more holistic approach to design and advanced packaging techniques are required.

Vedanta In Partnership with 'World Class' Tech Firm for Semiconductor Venture: Anil Agarwal

Vedanta Chairman Anil Agarwal stated at the Semicon India 2023 event that the Indian mining conglomerate is in talks with a "world-class" technology partner for its semiconductor sector.

To create an environment for semiconductor production, the company has signed hundreds of memorandums of understanding (MoUs) around the world.

Have already identified a world-class tech partner for semiconductors and are in the process of tying up with them, announcing that Vedanta is completely committed to manufacturing semiconductor and display fab.

Micron's semiconductor facility construction will commence soon: Ashwini Vaishnaw

During Semicon India 2023, Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Minister for Railways, Communications, and Electronics and Information Technology, stated that site development for Micron's semiconductor plant is currently underway and that construction will begin soon.

Micron's investment to create 5,000 direct jobs

"Micron’s investment will be the first major in India’s semiconductor sector. We estimate Micron's India plans will create 5000 direct jobs and 15,000 jobs within the community over the next few years," says Sanjay Mehrotra, President and CEO, Micron.

Micron plans to invest a total of $825 million in the two phases of construction at its Gujarat plant.

The construction of the Gujarat plant will happen in two phases. The first phase, with an area of 500,000 square feet, is set to begin later in the year and is expected to be operational by late 2024.

Micron's investment is expected to create 5,000 direct jobs within the company. Additionally, it is projected to generate 15,000 jobs within the local community in the coming years. These jobs could be in related industries and services that support the semiconductor sector.

The central and state governments will be involved in the project as well. The combined investment from Micron and the government, over the two phases, could amount to up to $2.75 billion. The government's role is not only to contribute financially but also to help facilitate access to essential semiconductor resources. This is aimed at driving innovation and enhancing local talent development.

The first phase of the project is expected to be operational by late 2024, while the second phase, of a similar scale, is planned for the second half of the decade. This indicates a longer-term commitment to expanding Micron's presence in India.

AMD To Invest $400 Million in India, Establishing Largest Design Centre

AMD has announced its plans to invest $400 million in India during the SemiconIndia 2023 summit. It is with the aim of establishing its largest design centre in the country. This investment will also result in the creation of around 3,000 new engineering positions.

Mark Papermaster, the executive vice president and chief technology officer of AMD, made this announcement.

As part of this investment, AMD will be setting up a new campus in Bengaluru, which will serve as its largest design centre. The company expects this new campus to be operational before the end of 2023. In addition to the new campus, AMD also plans to hire approximately 3,000 more engineers by the end of 2028.

This investment is backed by the government of India's policies aimed at supporting the semiconductor industry, as stated by AMD in a press release.

AMD's presence in India has significantly grown over the years, with the number of employees increasing from just a few in 2001 to over 6,500 today. This growth is attributed to the strong foundation established by local leadership and the availability of highly skilled talent, according to Papermaster, an executive at AMD.

Ashwini Vaishnaw, Union Cabinet Minister for Railways, Telecommunications, Electronics and Information Technology, expressed his support for AMD's plan to expand its cutting-edge R&D engineering operations in India.

The establishment of the Bengaluru campus marks a significant milestone for AMD in India. This expansion will not only increase the company's office footprint but also strengthen its presence in the country's semiconductor industry.

With multiple locations strategically located across major cities, AMD is well-positioned to serve its customers and contribute to the growth of the Indian technology sector.

Taiwan Is And Will Continue To be India's Most Dependable Partner: Young Liu, chairman of Foxconn.

"Four out of every ten high-tech devices manufactured in the world are made at Foxconn. Foxconn has experience in semiconductor facilities, equipment, packaging, design service and design houses, and so on. Taiwan is and will remain India's most dependable partner," says Foxconn's chairman.

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