Elections 2019: Ten Questions Any Serious Journalist Would Have Asked Rahul Gandhi

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May 22, 2019, 01:25 PM | Updated 01:25 PM IST

What journalists failed to grill the Congress president about.
What journalists failed to grill the Congress president about.


In a recent episode of Swarajya Standard, we told you how the media, especially the Delhi media, had an agenda against Modi and were eager to push the idea of Rahul Gandhi as a credible alternative to him.

As part of that, we told you how the two leaders faced contrasting difficulty of questions. More often than not, Rahul was at the receiving end of softballs while Modi had to answer for Rafale, unemployment, demonetisation, GST, etc.hol

If you haven’t seen the video already, we’ll link it at the end of this video.

We believe that the media should hold those in power accountable, whether they are in government or opposition. This exercise is critical for any democracy.

But shouldn’t the standards be the same for both Rahul and Modi?

If Modi is bound to answer for his performance, and for allegations made against him, so is Rahul, who aspires to be the prime minister.

So, if the mainstream media won’t do it, we will. Here are ten questions that any serious journalist would have grilled Rahul Gandhi on but failed to.

  1. What is your defence against Subrahmanian Swamy’s allegation of criminal misappropriation in the National Herald case?
  2. What are your ties with Quattrocchi, the alleged middleman who took a bribe and brokered the Bofors deal?
  3. You said in August 2018 that the Congress was not involved in the 1984 Anti-Sikh riots… despite the fact that you had admitted in 2014 that some Congressmen were involved. Where do you stand on the matter?
  4. Why have you chosen to contest from two different constituencies - Amethi and Wayanad - in the 2019 Lok Sabha election?
  5. In your manifesto, you have not touched upon an energy policy, which is among the most pressing issues of our times. What energy model do you propose for the future?
  6. You have been promising cash handouts and farm loan waivers as a way to deal with the farmer and agrarian crisis. But these are short-term measures. What is your long-term plan to combat the issue?
  7. The NPA crisis originated during the UPA regime. How was this allowed to happen?
  8. Congress leader Chidambaram coined the term ‘Hindu terror’. Do you believe such a thing as ‘Hindu terror’ exists?
  9. Can you point to five development initiatives that you have implemented in Amethi in the last five years?
  10. There is an opacity about your life before politics. Tell us about your educational and professional life.

And that’s about it. As simple as that. From Rahul’s responses to these questions, wouldn’t you, the voter, be better equipped to make a choice?

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