Watch: Aadhaar, An Indian Success Story, Now Goes Global


AADHAR - India’s unique identification system, is now a big success story. By May 2016, a billion people have enrolled for Aadhar. Aadhaar is now the lynch-pin for government’s attempt to push smart welfare. Using Aadhaar, subsidies and social welfare benefits are sent directly to the people by transferring cash to their bank. This cut out middlemen and curbed leakages

The program has now evinced interest from other countries too. Russia, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia have shown interest in the Aadhaar. The World Bank is acting a facilitator in promoting the Aadhaar model abroad.

“Morocco wants to do what India has done in the space” – RS Sharma, former UIDAI chairman

Morocco has included provisions for biometrics in its proposed national population register. This move comes on the basis of India’s recommendation. The World Bank also wants to roll out similar projects in Africa’s Maghreb region, which includes Algeria and Tunisia. An Indian tech project used in e-governance going global - that is a big first for India! May others succeed too!