Watch: India Labour Reforms- A Stealth Start?


The Union Cabinet has approved a ‘special package’, aimed at increasing employment and exports from the Textiles and Apparel sector.

Labour Reforms have been given a serious thought in this package.

Here are some of them.

Earlier, the maximum overtime for a worker was 50 hours per quarter. This has been increased by 156% to 128 hours.

The concept of fixed-term employment for temporary hiring of employees with the benefits of full time employment has been introduced.

Women can now work in night shifts.

Employee contribution to EPF is optional for those earning below ₹15,000 a month.

Increased overtime and fixed-term employment will increase productivity and flexibility in manning decisions.

The government has pushed the right amount of reforms through special packages for targeted sectors.

The problem is they can’t seem to be open about it. How far can reforms by stealth go? Only time will tell - but atleast there has been a start.