Watch: Worried Bhutanese Talk About The Standoff With China 

Along the Himalayan ranges, there rests a tri-junction disputed between China, India and Bhutan called Doka La. The standoff began when People’s Liberation Army personnel entered the area to construct a road. They also forcibly removed an old bunker of the Indian Army in Sikkim around the disputed area.

The Chinese Army has also started to construct a road from Doko La in the Dokolam area towards the Bhutan Army camp at Zompelri, increasing tensions between the two nations.

According to the Bhutanese, the Chinese manoeuvres account to war mongering, and there exists a desire among the Chinese to capture as much as they can take and India’s position is vindicated as they only aim to “warn China” that such methods are not appropriate.


Meanwhile, there existed some Bhutanese that urged their nation, along with India and China to sit down and sort out all the differences.

India’s relationship with Bhutan is an exceptionally close one. Through the 2007 Friendship Treaty, India is essentially the guarantor of security for the Himalayan Kingdom. Bhutan for its part has been favourably disposed to India, allowing Indian citizens unfettered access to the notoriously introverted country. Meanwhile, Bhutan shares no official diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China.

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