Kamala Harris May Replace President Biden If He Opts Out Of The US Presidential Race

Swarajya Staff

Jul 04, 2024, 05:05 PM | Updated 05:05 PM IST

United States Vice-President Kamala Harris.
United States Vice-President Kamala Harris.

United States Vice-President Kamala Harris may replace current President Joseph Biden if he decides to opt out of the presidential race after the disastrous debate performance against former president Donald Trump last week.

There have been reports going around about Biden where it is rumoured that he privately told his allies that he understood that he might not be able to return to power if he couldn't convince voters of his viability.

However, Biden publicly at least has rejected all these rumours and said, "no one is pushing me out … I’m not leaving. I’m in this race to the end and we’re going to win."

According to reports, even though Biden is not ready to back down publicly, polls found that one out of every four Democrat voters think that Biden should quit, and 81 per cent of Democrats favour Harris over 78 per cent favoring Biden.

Moreover, two Democratic Congressmen, Raul Grijalva of Arizona and Lloyd Doggett of Texas, have suggested Harris take Biden's place.

Several other Democratic Congressmen are also urging Harris to take the mantle from Biden, including James Clyburn, who publicly suggested that Democrats "do everything to bolster her [Harris], whether she’s in second place or at the top of the ticket."

Another Democrat from Pennsylvania, Summer Lee, also stated that Harris is the obvious choice if Biden decides not to run for the presidential elections.

Some other names in the race if Biden bows down include California's governor Gavin Newsom, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Illinois Governor J B Pritzker, and Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear.

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