Navy Test Fires BrahMos Missiles With Indian Made Seeker

Swarajya Staff

Mar 05, 2023, 06:37 PM | Updated 06:37 PM IST

(Brahmos Launch, picture by Indian Navy)
(Brahmos Launch, picture by Indian Navy)

The Indian Navy test fired a BrahMos anti-ship missile on Sunday (5 March) from a Kolkata class destroyer in the Arabian sea. The test is notable for using a DRDO made seeker.

At-least seven classes of Indian navy vessels including destroyers and frigates are armed with BrahMos anti-ship missiles. The Indian Army is also armed with atleast three regiments of BrahMos units.

An air launched version equips specially modified Su-30MKI aircrafts for anti-shipping role in the Indian Air Force.

BrahMos has also been exported to Philippines under a $375 million deal for the Philippines navy to equip its shore-based anti-ship missile system. The Philippines Army is also said to be considering buying the Brahmos system.

The BrahMos missile is highly versatile and can be used against a variety of targets, including ships, land-based targets, and radar stations. It has a low radar cross-section, making it difficult to detect and intercept.

The missile is powered by a solid fuel rocket motor and uses an inertial guidance system with terminal active homing. It is also equipped with advanced features like stealth technology, digital scene matching, and area correlation, which enable it to navigate through complex terrain with great precision.

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