Indore Metro: State Orders New Feasibility Survey For Route Changes Following Public Concerns

Swarajya Staff

Jun 18, 2024, 04:22 PM | Updated 04:21 PM IST

The public has suggested changes,  in the underground segment of the metro project.
The public has suggested changes, in the underground segment of the metro project.

A new feasibility study will be conducted for a specific section of the Indore Metro corridor, taking into account public suggestions and opinions.

During a meeting about the Metro Rail Project, Urban Development Minister Kailash Vijayvargiya emphasised the need to correct any construction issues. He said, “The Metro may be built after a year, but the citizens should not be punished for it.”

“Some segments of the public and social organisations are not happy with certain proposed routes of the under-construction metro rail in Indore and officials have been directed to conduct a fresh feasibility survey,” he added.

The city public representatives have suggested changes, particularly in the underground segment of the metro rail project.

On 14 September 2019, the first phase of the metro rail project's foundation was officially laid. The metro rail project's 31.55 km-long track will cost a total of Rs 7,500.84 crore to build.

The corridor includes an 8.7 km underground section with seven stations: Indore Railway Station, Rajwada, Chhota Ganapati, Bada Ganapati, Ramchandra Nagar, Kalani Nagar, and Airport.

Overall network for Indore Metro (Source: Swarajya)
Overall network for Indore Metro (Source: Swarajya)

According to a report by the Free Press Journal, three new options have emerged for the Indore Metro based on public suggestions.

The metro could run underground from Bengali Square instead of near HC Trisection, go underground from Agriculture College, or pass along Race Course Road instead of MG Road.

Officials have been instructed to conduct a new feasibility survey considering these technical and financial aspects and submit a report within a month.

As per reports, the entire metro plan had been developed, with 30-40 per cent of the work already completed. A trial run on a 5.9 kilometre priority section between Gandhi Nagar and Number 3 stations was held in September 2023.

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