After Being Cut Off From Google’s Android, Huawei Files For Trademark Registration Of Its Own ‘Hongmeng’ OS

Huawei pavilion at the CES 2018 expo in Las Vegas Nevada (David Becker/Getty Images)

Chinese electronics and telecommunications company Huawei is believed to have filed trademark registration applications of its own ‘Hongmeng’ operations system (OS) in a number of jurisdictions, reports The News Minute.

The Hongmeng OS would be able to replace the Android systems currently being used on Huawei’s phones; the company had come into the spotlight of US-China trade tensions after Google announced that it would cut off ties with the company due to a ban by American government on the company.

The US government had taken the stance that Huawei’s software could possibly be utilised as a mechanism to spy for the Chinese government, posing a risk to American national security.


This meant that any new updates to Android OS would not be available on Huawei smartphones, creating a substantial risk for the Chinese firm. Thus, Huawei is attempting to create the Hongmeng to do away with the need for the American-made OS on its devices in the future.

Some of the countries where these trademark registrations have been sought are New Zealand, South Korea, the European Union, Cambodia and Peru.

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