After Palestinian Rocket Hits Israeli Home, Israel Army Attacks Hamas Targets Throughout Gaza Strip

Swarajya Staff

Mar 25, 2019, 10:46 PM | Updated 10:46 PM IST

The Israeli house destroyed by Hamas rocket north of Tel Aviv (@IDF/Twitter)
The Israeli house destroyed by Hamas rocket north of Tel Aviv (@IDF/Twitter)

On the morning of 25 March the lives of an Israeli family living north of Tel Aviv were shattered after their home was hit by a rocket launched by Hamas from Palestinian controlled territory.

As per an AFP report, the rocket launched from the Gaza strip caused injuries to seven Israeli citizens, as a result of which the nation’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cut short his trip to the United States of America.

The house is said to be located in Mishmeret located north of Tel Aviv and about 80 km from the Gaza strip. Those injured are four adults and three children including a six-month old kid.

The Israel Defence Forces claimed that the attack was launched from a Palestinian enclave run by Islamic movement Hamas.

This escalation was not taken lying down by the Israel Defence Forces who have now launched attacks on various Hamas targets across the Gaza strip. An announcement to this tune was made by them on Twitter.

This escalation comes just days after a similar confrontation when Hamas launched two rockets into Israeli territory. Israel responded to it by hitting 100 Hamas targets.

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