AIMIM Members Threatened Rape, Violence To Seek ‘Revenge’, Damaged Nearby Temple: 34 Women File FIR In Jharkhand

AIMIM Members Threatened Rape, Violence To Seek ‘Revenge’, Damaged Nearby Temple: 34 Women File FIR In JharkhandRepresentative image. (Source:- Dee Wallace)

After the death of a theft-accused Tabrez Ansari in an attack by an infuriated mob in Jharkhand's Sareikela, Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM party men threatened the villagers of taking revenge through rape, loot and violence, reports NDTV.

Fearing brutality, 34 women in the Dhatkidih village in Saraikela, Jharkhand, have lodged an FIR in the local police station. The women said that on the evening of 24 June, a gang of over 30 unknown people had arrived in the village in four-wheelers, flaunting the AIMIM party flags, and threatened the villagers of unleashing violence.

The women made serious allegations that the gang entered their houses and threatened to rape them before blowing up their houses. The goons are said to have proceeded towards a nearby temple and damaged the religious flags. The men are said to be shouting the slogans, “Aftab Ahmed Siddiqui Zindabad”, and “Asaduddin Owaisi Zindabad”.

Fearing upon being arrested falsely, the men in the village have all gone into hiding after the police started cracking down the case. The local Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) unit has alleged that the police have been arresting innocent men while real culprits are let off scot-free.

After the unfortunate incident of Tabrez Asari came under the spotlight and several fake news and rumour mongering were propagated all over, the villagers are urging the authorities to check the spread of fake news.

Tabrez Ansari was allegedly beaten up by some villagers on suspicion of theft. He was later taken into police custody and had died in a hospital on 22 June. The village head has stated that Tabrez had come to the village along with other thieves to steal and was captured by the villagers while other thieves managed to flee.