Chennai Airport To Display Metro Timings In Its Terminals To Encourage Travellers To Use Transport Service

Chennai Metro

In a move aimed at decongestion of traffic, Chennai airport has decided to display Metro timings across various display panels in its domestic and international terminals to encourage passengers to take the transit system, reports The Hindu.

Officials of the Airports Authority of India held discussions with the Chennai Metro Rail Limited(CMRL) and agreed to set up the display. The airport metro station is one of the busiest in the city with an average ridership of 6,500 per day as of now.

“Specific areas of both domestic and international terminal now see the displays of metro timings to enable the air passengers easier access to the transit system, as soon as they disembark. It will be good to see many people take public transport”, said an official.


Both the terminals are connected to the metro station by a walkator and a tube, making out an easy access to the station to the passengers. The CMRL, after studying the arrival and departure timings of domestic and international flights, has decided to extend its operational timings.

At present, the CMRL’s airport line operates between 4.30 am and 11 pm.

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